The Seagull

ArkadinaKonstantinWe’re working on our next show, The Seagull, which will open in about a month. Please save the date, tell your friends, and plan to join us for another classic work of artistic theatre! Here’s the details:

Dates: April 7 (preview), 8, 9, 10, 11 & May 6, 7, 8, 9
Time: All shows will begin at 7pm
Place: The Davis Cemetery and Arboretum, 820 Pole Line Road, Davis
Tickets: This show is free! Seating will be outdoors and first-come-first-serve.
(We will happily accept donations at the door)

This classic Russian play from 1896 mixes comedy and drama, bringing to life a dozen contrasting characters on a country estate at the turn of the century. In The Seagull, Chekhov dramatizes the conflict of generations by setting two successful and conservative artists – Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina and Boris Trigorin – against two young, idealistic, aspiring artists – Konstantin Gavrilovich and Nina Zarechnaya.

We are lucky to have many fine actors working with us on this show. ATD stalwarts will recognize Lisa Halko, in the role of Arkadina, who was most recently seen with ATD as Aline in The Master Builder. Shane Osterhoudt – Moliére in Impromptu – will play Konstantin, Arkadina’s son. Joaquin Murrieta and Veronica Jarboe, both new to ATD, will play Trigorin and Nina, respectively. In typical Chekhovian fashion, these characters are complemented by a net of family, friends, and servants, whose interlocking relationships deflect, interrupt, and complicate the central plotline. Completing the ensemble will be Jennifer McSpadden as Polina, Phillip Stommel as Dr. Dorn, Kevin Toole as Sorin, Megan McMullan as Masha, Nathaniel Sternbergh as Medvedenko, Geoffrey Albrecht as Shamraev, Pietro Bolla as Yakov and Scarlet O’Connor as the Maid.

The Universal Soul speaks!For this production, we are working at yet another local venue for the arts, the Davis Cemetery and Arboretum. In order to make the most of this beautiful outdoor location, we have scheduled our performances to fall on evenings in April and May when the full moon will be visible in the sky. You’ll notice that the show dates fall on Saturdays through Tuesdays for this reason.

We are also very proud to announce that this show will feature original music composed by Jonathan Favero. Costumes will be designed by Joanna Johnson and Tim Kerbavaz will serve as technical director. As in past productions, the show will use an original translation/adaptation of Chekhov’s script, which I wrote with the assistance of Marina Shatskikh, a student of Russian Literature at UCD.

In order to bring this show to as wide an audience as possible, all performances will be free and open to the public. Helping us make this happen is a Community Arts Grant from the City of Davis. We’re grateful to the Civic Arts Council, the City Council, and City staff for their recommendation, approval, and administration of this grant, which is helping us keep artistic theatre alive in Yolo County.

As a final note, curtain time is 7pm, except on May 7th, when the performance will be preceded by a short talk with actors and artists from the production team, emceed by Andy Jones, poet laureate of Davis, beginning at 7pm and lasting approximately 20 minutes. This is a great chance to hear actors and staff describe their work on this project, as well as ask any questions you may have for them. Thanks to Andy for helping us make this happen.

As always, if you have any questions about the show, please feel free to write! Thank you for your continued support of our work.

– Timothy Nutter